Jan 2018 Update

Hello everyone!

Time flies when you are in school, yet at the same time it moves very, very slow. If you didn’t know, I have gone back to school to study Herbal Science. This pushed back a lot of my writing time but I have finally figured out my schedule and have a new, updated list of when things will be coming out đŸ™‚

On top of this list, this year I will be creating audiobooks for some of my titles, so stay tuned for that fun adventure. I will also be posting more, probably weekly to bi-weekly, and it will include a monthly summary of books I’ve reviewed, anime, manga, shows, etc; some mythology research, history research, and probably random things that tie into books somehow.

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Daughter of Hades

Engaged ~ March 2018

Entangled ~ Summer 2018

Enchanted ~ Fall 2018

Sanshlian Series

The Return ~ May 2018

A World of Vampires

Draugr ~ February 2018

Yara-Ma-Yha-Who ~ April 2018

A World of Vampies: Volume 3 ~ May 2018

Resurrected ~ Winter 2018

Wonderland Chronicles

Stranded in Wonderland ~ Late Winter 2018

TITLE TBD (3) ~ Spring 2019

TITLE TBD (3) ~ Summer/Fall 2019

Hel’s Labyrinth

Volume 2 ~ Fall 2018


Update for Confessions of a Geekess

Hi all!!!

I wanted to give you all a heads-up as to what will be in store for this blog in the near future!

I will keep doing my Confessions, but will only have them every once in a while (or I will run out of things to talk about… maybe), along with my Release Announcements and pictures from Comicons. In addition to this, I will start doing movie, manga, anime, game, and music reviews. I already post book reviews on another blog called A Bibliophile’s Reverie (click here to be taken to that blog) so if you are interested in those, check that blog out!

If there is anything you think I should review, don’t hesitate to comment!

Over and out!