Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet

I am now getting back into comics! If you have any comics to recommend, please do so by commenting below! I can’t promise I will review them, but I will definitely check them out.


Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet 2014

Posehn – Duggan – Brown – Koblish


*Note: I haven’t read any other Deadpool comics and the only things I know about Deadpool are from the movie and random things online*

Deadpool has gone to England for some time off to forget about whatever is going on his life, and he suddenly finds himself getting a job from Dracula. He wants Deadpool to retrieve his fiancé from a tomb in Egypt and bring her to England. Of course he runs into trouble every step of the way.

As a fan of vampires and Marvel, I found this comic to be hilarious. Deadpool is a hilarious character and I love how he makes fun of himself, comics, and how he breaks the third wall all the time. I found the plot to be interesting, the myths, history, and pop culture references incorporated in the story to be perfectly selected, and the art to match the story. I really liked the art and coloring done. It matched the feeling perfectly.

My favorite part of the comic was when they visit tombs in Paris. I won’t give away what happened, but it was really well written and I thought it was a great scene.

I give the comic 5/5 stars as it was well-written, the art was perfect, and the humor in it left my husband staring at me like I was crazy.