Christmas Freebies!!!

Hi all!

Three of my novellas are FREE right now on Amazon for Kindle from December 23 to December 27!

A Falling Starr: Forgotten

One year ago Angela Starr woke up in Portland with no memory of who she was nor where she was from. Since then she has been searching for any trace of herself, only to find nothing. Wanting to move on with her life, she decides to enroll into college only to run into someone she feels familiar with. Did she know him before the accident? Did he have the answers she had been desperately searching for? With strange men following her and a man who seems to know more than he is letting on, Angela Starr may finally find what she has been looking for.

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A World of Vampires: Hooh-Strah-Dooh

Vampires around the world are coming forth to remind humans they are not romantic fantasies to be sought, nor are they should that can be redeemed. These are the stories that they must tell.

The first novella in a series of twelve, Anne Fitzgerald gives the tale of her involvement in the Irish gangs in the 1930s and her transformation into the Wyandot’s vampiric legend of the hooh-strah-dooh. Her tale is a hard one to tell, with love, loss, and abuse plaguing her past. But she must tell it so that humans know the truth. That the world of the vampire is one of suffering.

This novella is independent. None of the A World of Vampire Series need to be read in order.

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My Broken Heart: Professional Secret

It was good news to Heinrich when he found out he was getting promoted to assistant manager at his office, but when he found out he would be going on a business trip with his boss Christoph, he knew he had to try his best to not let his true feelings towards his boss show. But after a couple of drinks on the business trip, can he keep those feelings to himself? And what if the impossible happened and Christoph had those same feelings as well?

All the My Broken Heart short stories are independent and don’t need to be read in order.

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