2016 ~ What’s to come?

Hi everyone!

I wanted to update everyone as to what the new year will bring! I have a lot of projects I’m currently developing and I can’t wait to share them with you!

A World of Vampires:

I will be finishing up the last three novellas here soon with the third volume paperback available in the spring.


I will be writing an adventure with most of the vampires in a modern day setting! It’s going to be like an avengers get together where they have to defeat some sort of evil? Who’s gonna be the villain? Well, you will have to find out! Also, there will be extra stories about our vampires in the back of this novel so stay tuned for that! It is scheduled to publish in the fall of 2016.

My Broken Heart:

The last three short stories are currently being written and the paperback collection should also be available in the spring.

Sanshlian Series:

The Journey is currently at the publishers being edited with a spring release. I am also planning on working on the third, and last, book in the series that should be published in the fall/winter. There will also be two preludes for 2017.

Hel’s Labyrinth

At Antik Comics, Ari and I are working hard on finishing up our graphic novel for our kickstarter. We are aiming for a kickstarter in the spring so do check back here in March! We are planning on two graphic novels for the series.


Daughter of Hades (series name not set in stone):

Get ready for a new series! This series is about Chrys who is the unknown daughter of Hades and Persephone. Her parents have been hiding her in the underworld, not wanting any other god/dess (mainly Zeus) to find out about her as she has the power to control life and death. However, Chrys is sick of living in the underworld and wants to know what Earth is like, what being a teen is like. She takes her tutor, a teen who was her tutor on recent history and modern age, and they sneak to earth and enroll in a high school where Chrys tries to learn what being human is like. However, little does she know that god/desses have spies everywhere and it isn’t long until some figures out what’s going on.

This is scheduled for a late spring release and the second one for a winter release as well.

Tales as Old as Time (series name not set in stone):

I will (hopefully) be releasing one remake of a fairy tale legend a year. Each book in the series will be independent. The first one will be based of Little Red Riding Hood. Details to come! Little Red Riding Hood (Title TBD) will be released in summer 2016.

Pitching to agents!

I will also be pitching some of my books that I have finished, currently working on, and ones to start next year. I’m very excited about some of my new ones I am working on and hope that it will get picked up. Wish me luck as I do so!


Be sure to check out this blog and my website www.danihoots.com and www.antikcomics.com for all my published works!

Have a great New Year!


Release Announcement #22: Professional Secret


The third short story of My Broken Heart Series, Professional Secret, is now available on Kindle and Nook!

It was good news to Heinrich when he found out he was getting promoted to assistant manager at his office, but when he found out he would be going on a business trip with his boss Christoph, he knew he had to try his best to not let his true feelings towards his boss show. But after a couple of drinks on the business trip, can he keep those feelings to himself? And what if the impossible happened and Christoph had those same feelings as well?

All the My Broken Heart short stories are independent and don’t need to be read in order.

Pick up your copy today!

Kindle: click here!

Nook: click here!

Release announcement #18: Last Summer


The second novella of My Broken Hear series is now available!

Christina went to the United Kingdom to get away from love and worries only to find herself having a fling with some guy she thought she would never see again. That is, until she comes back to start her PhD in Anthropology, and the professor she will be working closely is the man she had the fling with. Will she be able to keep the relationship professional? Or will she slip up and let an affair ruin her chance of graduating?

This novella is independent. None of the My Broken Heart need to be read in order.

Available on Amazon here.

Available on Barnes & Noble here.

Release announcement #16: Hanami


The first novella of My Broken Hear series is now available!

All Shizue wants is her father to recognize her since her mother died, but all he cares about is work. But one day, when he brings home an intern by the name of Mamoru, Shizue begins to fall in love with him as they celebrate hanami together in the middle of Japan. Will she finally find her prince charming, or will she never be recognized as something more important than work?

This novella is independent. None of the My Broken Heart need to be read in order.

Available on Amazon here.

Available on Barnes & Noble here.