A New Year – 2015

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well it has been a crazy 2014! Between Masters, getting into a writing program that I am looking greatly forward to, traveling across the US (and Britain), publishing a few novellas, and working on publishing a novel. This year was really a blessing and I couldn’t have done without my friends and family! Thanks a bunch!

Next year is going to be great as well, as more novellas and novel(s?) will be coming out as well. Below is a tentative list of when everything will be coming out. I will be going to conventions and book fairs in the Arizona, Oregon, and Washington area, which is listed below as well. I can’t wait to start my writing program, finish up my masters program, get my herbal certificate (yea!), learn violin, and learn German! It’s gonna be another great year I hope with many more adventures to come!

Publication list:

    • March-Hanami(My Broken Heart #1)
    • » April-The Quest(Sanshlian Series #1 with Hear Me Roar Publishing), Lilith(A World of Vampires #6)
    • » May-Peuchen(A World of Vampires #7), Klopf(Free Download)), Last Summer(My Broken Heart #2)
    • » June-Styzga(A World of Vampires #8
    • » July-A World of Vampires Volume 2 Paperback
    • » August-Empusa(A World of Vampires #9)
    • » September-Soucouyant(A World of Vampires #10), Hel’s Labyrinth(AnTik Comics, a comic with Anthill Studios #1), Young Adult Mystery(Still in works #1)
    • » October-Draugr(A World of Vampires #11)
    • » November-Ruber Mortem(A World of Vampires #12)
    • » December-A World of Vampires Volume 3 Paperback, Young Adult Mystery(Still in works #2)

Convention list:

Update for Confessions of a Geekess

Hi all!!!

I wanted to give you all a heads-up as to what will be in store for this blog in the near future!

I will keep doing my Confessions, but will only have them every once in a while (or I will run out of things to talk about… maybe), along with my Release Announcements and pictures from Comicons. In addition to this, I will start doing movie, manga, anime, game, and music reviews. I already post book reviews on another blog called A Bibliophile’s Reverie (click here to be taken to that blog) so if you are interested in those, check that blog out!

If there is anything you think I should review, don’t hesitate to comment!

Over and out!