Release Announcement #4: Once Again

Hi all! Sorry for the delay, I was having a problem with my cover on Amazon, it’s still not resolved but rest assured, when you purchase the story the actual cover that you see below is included, some reason on their website it doesn’t show it. I don’t know why, I need to call them again.

This is the fourth installment of Damon Salvatore: Life After Lost series.
After being driven out of London by Kol, Damon Salvatore is trying to set up a new life in Paris. Although he doesn’t want to get too comfortable in fear that Kol will find him once again, a young man makes him rethink his solitary life along with a beautiful performer at the new Moulin Rouge who might be more than she seems…

I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me throughout this project, especially my parents, V, and Faye for helping me edit and giving me ideas. I also want to say a special thank you to Rebecca for providing the photo for the cover. And thank you to my amazing husband who has to put up with me writing all the time. Thank you so much!!!

Available on Amazon: Click Here!

once again

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