Free Download – Gretyl by Dani Hoots


Hi all! Here is a free download for a horror novella called “Gretyl” (at bottom of post). I hope you all enjoy and if you want more stories, check out my website . Also, if you want to put this story on kindle or nook, epub and imobi for Gretyl are available on my website. Feel free to share this story with friends and family and review it on Goodreads!

Back cover:

Germany, 1942. Five kids find themselves lost in the forest as a storm traps them in an abandoned cottage, or at least they thought it was abandoned. They hear footsteps coming from the attic and afraid that it is someone in need, they decide to check it out only to find that who they should fear for is themselves.

Here is the PDF, click the link for the download:

Gretyl – Hoots,Dani

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