Movie Review: The Seeker-The Dark is Rising

This movie had so much potential! It started out well, with the normal young hero being thrown into an adventure where he has to save the world. There is a good side and there is an evil side, both wanting him to help them. Personally, I would join the dark side…

Because who wouldn’t say yes to Christopher Eccleston/The Doctor wanting to take over the world and put it into perpetual winter. Snow is just so pretty…

Anyway, the main character became emo, like Spiderman in the third movie, and was very wishy-washy throughout the movie. It felt also, as many movies have done, that the people trying to help him were keeping way too much from him and so our hero couldn’t accomplish his task. Just spill the beans so that we can finish the story already!!!

Christopher Eccleston did a fantastic (*snicker) job, I believe, at being the villain in this movie (though some would call me bias). Although it wasn’t the greatest movie, I think it’s still something you all should check out.

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