About: Ribbon

Hello! I’m Ribbon of “Kingdom of Ribbon”. I’m a writer, cosplayer, gamer, and dessert enthusiast.

I grew up with a wild imagination and had to opportunity to watched plenty of amazing shows such as Sailor Moon and the X-Men ’92 cartoon series. When I discovered manga and comics were a thing I read whatever I could get my hands on at the library.

As I grew older, comics my geeky interests delved into film as X-Men came out, Hellboy was released soon after, and I found myself still falling in love with so many different stories and characters.

I’ve always stuck true to my interests and turned them into hobbies. Currently I play video games in my spare time, and I plan to create Let’s Play and review them both here on the site and on my YouTube channel.

I also recently started cosplaying and it is such a blast to recreate the characters that I love with attention and detail. My goal is to spread positivity with cosplay, and to see the smile on other’s faces when they see their favorite characters come to life.

Check out my YouTube Channel here (currently under construction)!

Check out my cosplay page, Kingdom of Ribbon Cosplay, here!

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