Release Announcement #21: A World of Vampires Volume 2

The second paperback collection of A World of Vampires is now available!

Vampires around the world are coming forth to remind humans they are not romantic fantasies to be sought, nor are they souls that can be redeemed. These are the stories they must tell.

This is the collection of novellas 5-8 of A World of Vampires Series: Asanbosam, Lilith, Peuchen, and Aufhocker.

Asanbosam: It’s the 1930s and Maryanne is accompanying her Oxford research professor to the Akan Empire to do anthropology field research, but little did she know the consequences of stepping into the jungle at night.

Lilith: Robin Bennet has joined the King’s Crusade to reclaim the Holy Land in 1191 and forget his past, that is until he runs into an old legend from the dawn of time, a legend filled with more darkness than he could ever imagine.

Peuchen: Apachita was once a powerful machi in the 1500s, that was until the strangers crossed the ocean and came into her land and she must decide at what lengths she will go to save her people.

Aufhocker: The Berlin Wall is up and Ade must choose between staying in East Berlin in 1965 with his mother, or taking a position with Herr Schmidt, an old family friend, as an apprentice tailor in order to be able to support his family. However, he finds that maybe this opportunity was just a little too good to be true.

Available on Antik Comics (signed), Amazon, and Barnes&Noble

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