Music Review ~ Doll Skin’s In Your Face

Doll Skin website – Buy now!!! DO IT!

Based out of Arizona, Doll Skin is an all-girl band that will rock your world. The moment I put the CD in my computer, I knew that these girls were amazing. With an 80s rock band feel mixed with modern punk, this is the music I love and could listen to hours (although my husband hates it when I do that). I can see these girls going far and I can’t wait for music to come! I hope they make it to Seattle or play while I am in Arizona because this is definitely a band I want to see live.

There are 6 songs on this first album and, just as Ghost of the Robot, I loved them all (again, it’s rare I swear).

  1. Family of Strangers – A nice intro for sure! I love this song and it is definitely my favorite on the album. Any song that has girls rocking this hard, with such passion, I will definitely love and be able to rock out for hours.
  2. Wring Me Out – A nice punk song that about love. It definitely captures the feeling of love suffocating, as what the song is about. Sometimes lyrics and tone don’t match but these girls nailed it.
  3. Let’s Be Honest – This song is a little softer than the first two, but still great. It could be my theme song, honestly, with the lyrics “Do I make you feel awkward, does it look like I care? I got no filter to show for….” Yeah that’s me…
  4. Blind – a slower, softer song that is touching and one that I can enjoy (as I don’t particularly like slow or soft songs unless they really grab my soul). Reminds me of the 90s, something like Avril Lavigne’s old style.
  5. So Much Nothing – Bringing the tempo back up, this song is something a lot of people can really relate to. When everything starts feeling like nothing—these girls know how to relate to their audience, to those who would be interested in punk rock music. This is my second favorite song on the album.
  6. Weatherman (Live) – I’ve heard some pretty bad live songs on albums, but this one is definitely great. It’s understandable, doesn’t rely like some bands do. A great exit to the album.

So if you get the chance, definitely check out Doll Skin! They are a great band that I hope will go far in the music world. I love their style and can’t wait to hear more from them.

Over and out,


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