Movie Review ~ Kopfstand


German (English Subtitles but my DVD player is broken and can’t turn subtitles on)

Produced in Austria (1981)

I picked up this movie because I am a BIG Christoph Waltz fan. Released in 1981, this was one of Waltz’ first movies, and even back then he was a great actor. Everyone in this movie did a very good job in the movie and I wished that I knew a bit more German to understand everything that was going on.

The movie follows Markus(Waltz) as he gets in a fight with his mother. He is acting out like any young man who hasn’t had much support from his parents. Expecting him of being a criminal, he has him committed and he is thrown into an asylum. He obviously isn’t mentally ill but the doctor is corrupt and keeps him there anyway. Markus escapes a few times but is taken back. He then befriends and elderly lady, who helps him stay sane through all this (as he is being given electroshock therapy and witness an inmate hang himself). New doctors come into the asylum and realize that there is nothing wrong with Markus, but the scars have already left their mark on him.

This movie was very interesting and very touching. It is like a lot of other stories on the subject of asylum and some of the corruption that was going on during the time. It is filmed in black and white, and while I understand it was to make the movie seem more classic and serious, but in some scenes the lighting was too dark to see anything (I mean, we want to see Waltz’s face right?). But it definitely added to the feel of the film.

I unfortunately had some trouble following as I am working on learning German currently. Even so, I could understand what was going on and enjoyed the movie. If you are able to find this online or pick it up on Amazon, it is definitely worth it. (Note: there are English subtitles for the nonUS DVD region movie but my DVD player is broken and I can’t turn subtitles on). 4.5/5

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