Wonderland Chronicles Author Interview

Q1: First, tell us a bit about yourself

A1: I am a self-pub author of over a dozen books. I mainly write YA fantasy that is inspired by mythology, folklore, and fairytales. I also write sci-fi and write darker, more adult sci-fi under the pen name Lyra Thorsson. I have been publishing for over seven years now. I have learned a lot in the past couple of years, started rebranding, updating covers, and learning a lot more about marketing. I am also an herbalist and sell teas, and write for HerbClips through the American Botanical Council. In my “spare” time, I draw, play piano, and study German and Japanese. 

Q2: What inspired you to write a story based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?

A2: I loved reading and watching different takes on the original story, and then suddenly characters popped in my brain and wouldn’t shut up until I wrote them out. My biggest inspiration was anime and manga adaptations, as they are so beautiful and unique.

Q3: What made you have Alice be from Salem, Oregon?

A3: That is where I grew up! East Salem High School isn’t a real high school… but it pretty much is Salem Academy for layout of where it is and what they school looked like. Only one of the teachers was based on an actual teacher that taught there, but I won’t say who. He doesn’t make an appearance, but is referred to. SAC alumni will know who it is. I also used a few businesses I frequented, and anyone who was actually in it I received permission to use them. I need to remember to send them a copy of the book…

Q4: Did you base Alice on anyone you knew? Or is it yourself?

A4: I am a lot like her, or she is a lot like me, but I have found while writing that I write a part of myself in each character. Except Sebastien Wilde in my Honor Trilogy, just for the record. But for Alice, I based her on a lot of artists I know, what they have gone through growing up, and just the crap they receive on a daily bases about being an artist. This story was for them.

Q5: Are you Team Malcolm or Team Chase?

A5: I can’t say without spoiling anything! I love them both though… For different reasons. I can’t choose!

Q6: What is the writing process like for you?

A6: Well, I am a plotter. I usually have a very brief outline, like one sentence per chapter. Then I write a rough draft, which will be like ¼ the length of the book. I get feedback from a content editor on the plot to make sure it makes sense, then I add to it through a couple of drafts and send it to a different editor for new eyes. Then more editing, then my husband edits! I have to admit, though, a lot of my writing is me sitting around and letting my characters go crazy. I tell them where they need to go, but they figure out the path, not me… 

Q7: Was there anything you were going to put in the book but edited out of it?

A7: Yes! There was going to be a death, but I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t feel it would be necessary and it made me too sad. I did change that character a bit and realized that it wasn’t worth it. No, I took what that character was going to be like, added him to a different book, and killed him there to move that plot. Then I changed them a bit in Wonderland and didn’t hill them. I also figured out how to move the story a different way, so it all worked out.

Q8: What is your writer Kryptonite?

A8: I need to write better descriptions… I am getting better at it. Also word count… I’m always short of what I want, but I also like reading shorter fiction so I can read more books, so I tell myself my books are for them.

Q9: Is there anything we should be looking forward to in regard to Wonderland?

A9: Yes! The amazing VA Deneen Melody is working on the audiobook as we speak! You will get to see sneak peaks later this week or next week!

Q10: Last question! What are you working on next?

A10: So much stuff! First I am finishing up my Last of the Gargoyles Trilogy, my Honor Trilogy (under Lyra Thorsson), and Queen of the Underworld (sequel to Daughter of Hades). After that, I am thinking about an academy series that has to do with the occult and takes place in Port Townsend, WA. I don’t have too much done for that yet, but it’s been in the back of my head for a while! Be sure to follow me and subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date!

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