Free Story Downloads

Hi everyone!

I decided to write a story for Wattpad and Tapas. Please check it out and follow it! I will also be posting another book I am working on next month on Wattpad and Tapas so be sure to follow me to get updated!

Blindfolded Thriller Kindle Cover-2

Book Blurb:
It has been five years since Elvira “Ellie” Ryder was betrayed by her best friend, and watched as her home was leveled by invaders from a different Zone. Now sworn to seek revenge on him, Ellie has teamed up with her old friend Zach to find their long lost friend. As they search for him, the are up against the hatred of their kind, secrets that they never knew about their people, and what really happened the day of the attack.



Here are some of my free novella/short story downloads. All different genres.

Gretyl (horror)

Klopf (post-apocalyptic sci-fi)

The VR Hack (futuristic/tech sci-fi)

5 thoughts on “Free Story Downloads

    • They are going to be published in spring 2020 and fall 2020. The delay was due to going back to school and having no time to write. Hope you enjoyed the first two!

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