Published Works

Here are a list of my published works and their links. If you want to find out more, either click the link or use the top bar drop down box to find out more! 🙂 Don’t forget to check out my website:

Free Downloads (Misc Genre)

Gretyl (Horror): PDF/mobi/epub

Sanshlian Series (Sci-Fi/YA)

1. The Quest: Amazon/Barnes&Noble/Lulu/Kindle

A World of Vampires(Historic Fantasy/Horror):

Volume 1 (1-4): Antik Comics (signed)/Amazon/Barnes&Noble

1. Hooh-Strah-Dooh: Kindle

2. Baobhan Sith: Kindle

3. Strigoi: Kindle

4. Jiangshi: Kindle

Volume 2 (5-8): Antik Comics(signed)/Amazon/Barnes&Noble

5. Asanbosam: Kindle

6. Lilith: Kindle

7. Peuchen: Kindle

8. Aufhocker: Kindle

9. Soucouyant: Kindle

A Falling Starr (Sci-Fi/YA)

Paperback Collection(1-3): Antik Comics(signed)/Amazon/Barnes&Noble

1. Forgotten: Kindle

2. Found: Kindle

3. Free: Kindle

My Broken Heart (Contemporary/LGBT Romance)

1. Hanami: Kindle

2. Last Summer: Kindle

3. Professional Secret: Kindle

Damon Salvatore: Life After Lost (Vampire Diaries KindleWorlds Series)

1. Buried Heart: Kindle

2. Fallen Back: Kindle

3. Until Death: Kindle

4. Once Again: Kindle

5. Forever Alone: Kindle

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