A World of Vampires


Vampires around the world are coming forth to remind humans they are not romantic fantasies to be sought, nor are they souls that can be redeemed. These are the stories they must tell.


This is the collection of the first four novellas of the A World of Vampires Series: Hooh-Strah-Dooh, Baobhan Sith, Strigoi, and Jiangshi. Available on Antik Comics (signed)Amazon, and  Barnes&Noble.


Anne Fitzgerald gives the tale of her involvement in the Irish gangs in the 1930s and her transformation into the Wyandot’s vampiric legend of the hooh-strah-dooh. Her tale is a hard one to tell, with love, loss, and abuse plaguing her past. But she must tell it so that humans know the truth. That the world of the vampire is one of suffering. Available on Kindle.


Captain Henry Williams had everything he wanted back home in England: a woman waiting to marry him, his dream of owning a pub, and starting a family. All he had to do was make it home now that the war against the Jacobites was over. But something in the Highlands was waiting for him that night, something that could only have been bread out of nightmares. The Baobhan Sith. Available on Kindle.


Amalia had always heard the music of the night in her dreams in Romania, but it wasn’t until one day when she was traveling back from town did she find out what they true source of it was: a strigoi. The last thing she remembers is being bit and then finding herself back at her camp. Everything seemed strange from then on, but why was that? Was it all a dream? Or did she really come in contact with one of the most feared creatures of her people? Available on Kindle.


Hui Lee was given one chance to follow his dreams of becoming a painter in San Francisco during the gold rush and not having to worry about money any longer, and he took it. But what price did he pay, destroying the life of his own brother? Thinking he could live with the evil he had done, Hui goes on living his life, until his brother comes back from the dead as a jiangshi, haunting him every night. Will Hui be able to live with the evil of his past? Or will his brother get the revenge that has left him haunting the world for an eternity? Available on Kindle.


This is the collection of novellas 5-8 of the A World of Vampires Series: Asanbosam, Lilith, Peuchen, and Aufhocker. Available on Antik ComicsAmazon.


Maryanne just wanted to explore the world and learn everything there was to it, as she had become an anthropology doctorate candidate at Oxford University in the 1930s. Accompanying her research professor, she traveled to the Akan Empire to do field research, but little did she know of the consequences of stepping into the jungle at night. Available on Kindle.


Robin Bennet has faced so many tragedies throughout his life, losing his parents, his brothers, and even his friends at such a young age, he knew the only thing for him to do was join the King’s Crusade and reclaim the Holy Land. That way he could die without such a dark shadow cast over himself. Until he runs into an old legend from the dawn of time, a legend filled with more darkness than he could ever imagine. Can Robin defeat this evil, or will he succumb to it just as every other man has done? Available on Kindle.


Apachita was once a powerful machi in the 1500s, that was until the strangers crossed the ocean and came into her land. What lengths will she go to save her people? Will she trust the spirits she always believed in, or will she turn her back on them and ask the help of the creatures of the dark? Available on Kindle.


Ade had to choose between staying in East Berlin with his mother, or taking a position with Herr Schmidt, an old family friend, as an apprentice tailor in order to be able to support his family. Being the year 1965, he choose the latter, but of course he would jump the wall any chance got in order to see him other and sister. However, what if the opportunity was just a little too good to be true and Ade finds out the true reason he is wanted as an apprentice? Available on Kindle.




Renee loved living in the Caribbean on the island of Tobago, but as luck would have it her parents want to move back to France where ‘she become a proper lady’. It was the early 1700s and Renee knew that being a girl she had practically no say in her future, that is until pirates attack Tobago and she gets swept into the world of the soucouyant. Will she finally be free of the chains she saw herself bearing? Or will she have to serve a new master, one more deadly than society norms? Available on Kindle.

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