Confession #1: Pokemon

First blog! This is exciting! I am going to start off talking about Pokemon! Pokemon is the first real nerdy thing I got into as a child. That’s not true, I watched Star Wars way before that. But not counting Star Wars, Pokemon had to be one of the biggest things I was obsessed with as a child. I HAD EVERYTHING PIKACHU!!!!! Who didn’t, really? Actually, all of my friends I grew up with didn’t watch Pokemon (Stupid, right? They were all lame) but all my friends now LOVE Pokemon! (Because they are AMAZING!). Back to Pokemon, I remember my cousin staying up all night beating Pokemon Snap on N64 because I sucked at video games (still do) and couldn’t beat it back then. I used to watch the show all the time and had a huge crush on James. Blue hair, roses, so many corny jokes, what’s not to love?

I collected all the cards, all of the tiny little figurines, and even had a PokeDex (who didn’t, right?). My favorite Pokemon was Pikachu because he was cute and had an attitude. I also love Eevee and all of the evolutions. If I had to pick, I would pick Vaporeon for original three and Espeon for the current evolutions. I still deny the fact there are more Pokemon than the original 150. How many are there now? 200? 400? 649?!?!?! I totally had to look that up, that’s ridiculous, but have decide all was forgiven after seeing Emolga. SO CUTE!

So after a while, I kind of lost my interest in Pokemon. Went back to being obsessed with Star Wars, got into Firefly, started writing and Pokemon seemed like a thing of the past. Until I started college…

My husband and I got bored one day and decided “Hey, let’s collect all of the original Pokemon cards!” So I know where all the comic book stores that sell Pokemon cards in the Salem area. And we collected them all. Greatest thing about searching for cards at a comic book store is me saying “Why don’t we start collecting comic books too!” and that is how we got into comic books.

Now, we play X/Y, we have a bunch of stuff animal/Pokemon, and I just threw my husband for his 23rd birthday party a Pokemon Mystery Birthday Dinner. The mystery was: Who woke up Snorlax!!! All our friends had a blast and we all dressed as characters from the show. I was James, of course (picture below) with my friend as Jessie. My husband was Ash because it was his party so he needed to be the main character, right? My hair was SUPPOSED to be blue, but some reason turned green. Took forever to come out…

So all in all, I love Pokemon, it’s an awesome show, game, card game, and if you haven’t played the original board game, go find it right now! I won so you know it’s good!

For everyone that follows this blog, comment what your favorite Pokemon is!

Gotta Catch Them All!


Me on the left as James and my friend on the right as Jessie

Me on the left as James and my friend on the right as Jessie

My husband as Ash

My husband as Ash

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