Confession #3: Renaissance Faire

Just so you know, I LOVE the renaissance faire! What is there not to love? Great food, great music, great acts… it’s brilliant!

The first thing I do when I get to the faire in the morning is go straight for breakfast. Can you all say “bread pudding”? The best bread pudding EVER! They even put creamy sauce on top and some strawberries. Nothing is better than strawberries!

Once I get my bread pudding, I go straight to watch Tartanic. Bagpipes, drums, men in kilts. Perfect morning entertainment. Tartanic is a great celtic band that if you haven’t heard of them, go check them out right now! Nothing wakes you up better than blasting bagpipe music from your boom-box! (Yes, I just said boom-box).

After Tartanic, I usually walk around and check out all the shops. There are hundreds, I swear! Shops for jewelry, leather work, kilts, hammocks, swords, garlic, and so on. And if you dare, you can even get your fortune told from one of the five or so fortune tellers.

There are many shows, such as birds of prey show (not good for people afraid of birds such as me), Tortuga Twins (sssssooooooo funny!!!), real-life jousting (real-life part new this year), Barely Balanced, and so on. There is definitely enough to keep you entertained all day, not to mention people dressed up and talking to you all funny as you pass by. That’s alway the best.

I, of course, dressed up for the faire. I went as a woodland fairy. My friend made me the most awesome wings and they came out FANTASTIC! I got the outfit itself on etsy and the shoes are from Rue 21. The belt and pouches my friend made more for graduation/christmas/birthday. He does amazing leatherwork and needs to open his own shop! My friend went as a pirate, the sword and belt from my collection. Went perfect with her outfit. My husband went as the Dread Pirate Roberts! A lot of people recognized him too, which was great. Got one person yelling Zorro. Idiots.

For lunch I had one of the best sheppard pies I had ever had. The turkey leg (really emu) are amazing as well, along with bread bowls and anything else you can find there. I found out I don’t like mead, it taste like cough syrup, disgusting! I love honey too, its sad really.

There is a jewelry shop that sells puzzle rings. It is actually where my husband and I got our wedding rings. They have beautiful jewelry and the people there are super nice. Here is their website if you are interested in puzzle rings:

All in all, I had a great day at the faire and will definitely be there again.



me as a woodland fairy

me as a woodland fairy

a look at my gorgeous wings

a look at my gorgeous wings

Me and my friends with sweaty Adrian from Tartanic (pst, he's not wearing pants!)

Me and my friends with sweaty Adrian from Tartanic (pst, he’s not wearing pants!)



As you wish.

As you wish.


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