Confession #7: Stargate Atlantis fan

I have to confess, I actually haven’t seen all of SG-1. My parents watched it when I was a little girl, but I really don’t remember much of it. My husband and I started the first season, but I really like Joe Flanigan Stargate Atlantis better…. Sorry!

I am actually re-watching the series right now, almost done with season 1. So far, there are four Star Trek references and John Sheppard has said he likes ferris wheels at least four times as well. If I ever meet Joe Flanigan I will faint ask him if he actually likes ferris wheels because now I am very curious. Also, has anyone noticed Joe Flanigan has very pointy ears? Some reason, to me, it’s really sexy….



Anyway, back to the show. I find it very interesting, especially since I love history and mysteries such as Atlantis. But the ancients leave Atlantis 10,000 years ago, and Plato is the one who talked about the myth, would the myth still be circulating 7,500 years later? Just a thought… Although myths about Homo Floresiensis circulated for a while after the species disappeared. Anthropological concerns…

I diverge again! I love how every planet they go to is at different levels of progression. It’s like snap shots of our history. I wish the made this different, not all cultures progress in the same way, especially if they are on different planets. Again, Anthropology major speaking… The other problem I have is with character decisions. I don’t like Lt. Ford’s reaction when given orders. He argues with them usually, which I don’t think would happen because he was picked for this mission because how good he was in the military. Therefore he would take orders and shut up. The other problem I had is when Sheppard was going to leave people behind on a planet that was attacked by the wraith. I really don’t think he would, he woke the wraith in the first place because he couldn’t leave people behind, not to mention his record talks about not obeying orders because he doesn’t like leaving people behind… Just something I thought I would pick on. I love all the physics stuff, makes me feel like I’m back in modern physics class…

My favorite episode is Conversion. I think Joe Flanigan did a great job acting like he was becoming a wraith in this episode. It’s exactly how I think he would act if he were to play the part of a certain character in my novel…

So what are your favorite episodes?


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