Confession #8: Sailor Moon

I confess, I was part of the Sailor Moon craze in the 90s, who that loved anime wasn’t?! I knew everything about the Sailor Scouts, had every manga and the entire series on VHS (I feel old)…. Each having only a couple of episodes on them so I had a whole bookcase full of Sailor Moon VHS.

I hope the release them on DVD for the US again, it is ridiculous trying to find them at affordable price. I found them on ebay for sale, but not quite sure if its the official licensing…

Anyway, my favorite character has always been Sailor Uranus. She is awesome and is the reason I cut my hair so short and wear boots :).

When I reread the manga last summer, I fell in love with Sailor Mars. I didn’t originally like her but since it  had been so long since I read them, I didn’t realize how much different she was in the manga than the anime. She’s a lot more snobby in the anime but in the manga you see a different side of her. I like it a lot.

And we can’t forget Tuxedo Mask! Such a hunk, I had a crush on him. Crazy enough, I accidentally (I swear it was an accident) bought my husband Darien’s outfit in the anime. A green jacket, jeans, black shirt. I was sitting the store thinking oh that looks really good! And familiar…… hmmmm….. It wasn’t until three days later did I realize why it looked familiar!

So who is ready for the remake this summer?! I cannot wait!!! They are supposed to follow the manga closer and I really hope they include the short stories as well! It is going to be great, I’m counting the days!!!

In that name of the moon, you shall follow my blog!



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