RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT #5: A Falling Starr: Forgotten


It’s finally here! My first novella of A Falling Starr, Forgotten is now available on Amazon and soon to be available on Barnes and Noble Nook (having problems with it right now).

One year ago Angela Starr woke up in Portland with no memory of who she was nor where she was from. Since then she has been searching for any trace of herself, only to find nothing. Wanting to move on with her life, she decides to enroll into college only to run into someone she feels familiar with. Did she know him before the accident? Did he have the answers she had been desperately searching for? With strange men following her and a man who seems to know more than he is letting on, Angela Starr may finally find what she has been looking for.

I would like to thank Chantelle with A Twist of Karma Entertainment for editing my novella and dealing with all my mistakes, Marcy with Backstrip Publishing for formatting and help dealing with Amazon not wanting to accept the formats, my writing group for helping push me forward as writer, my friends and family for reading all the stuff I throw at them, my mom and dad for supporting me in this career, and lastly, my husband who puts up with everything I do and all my stories.

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