Movie Review: X-men Days of Future Past

This movie was AMAZING!!!!! I have gone to see it three times now. Each actor did a splendid job and I wasn’t bored at any instant.

Some of the best parts of the movie included all the scenes with Quicksilver (he was fantastic)


and the parts when Magneto goes badass and turns to his darker side, causing chaos wherever he goes…

But that is why we love him. Michael Fassbender did a great job bringing Magneto to life, and I love seeing members of the old cast brought back as well (**spoiler although wanted to cry when I saw Cyclops’s face). Also, still very very made that there was no Gambit, and even more furious about the news of Channing Tatum being the next Gambit… I guess we will see…

This was by far my favorite X-men movie, even with no Gambit. I can’t wait to see where they will bring the series. Although there were some plot issues, like them not bringing Quicksilver with them even though he is awesome and fast or not really mentioning Wanda or the fact we now have two Quicksilvers and maybe two Wandas because of rights held by Disney and Fox… **Spoler: Also I want to know why when Wolverine wakes up, he’s not angry about what Magneto did to him. I would be furious! The first thing I would say is where the hell is Magneto, I am going to kill him!

If you haven’t seen it, go see it right now! I promise it’s better than any of the others and that it will be worth your time!

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