Anime Review: Ouran High School Host Club

(Note: I haven’t read the manga yet)

So at first I didn’t think that I would care for this anime, was just wanting to binge watch something I knew my husband wouldn’t care for (which wasn’t the case as he was as entertained as I was by this show). I loved it!

OHSHC follows Haruhi as she is a scholarship honor student at Ouran High School who accidentally breaks a very expensive vase of the Host Club’s. Since she can’t pay the money back, she has to become a host for the club. Little did they realize that Haruhi was actually a girl not a boy, but they decide to dress her up as a boy and let all the girls fawn over her anyway.

The anime goes into all the trouble the host club gets into, along with all the girls they help make smile. It is really cute, fun, and at times, hilarious! They characters all well rounded and have their own arcs. My favorite character was Haruhi’s dad.

The only downside to this anime is that it ended abruptly. I figure it must have gotten cancelled or they decided not to do a second season so the writers had to draw it to a close right away. It was sad and I couldn’t believe I watched 26 episodes in just a couple days. I wanted to cry…

If you haven’t seen this anime, I recommend it. It is fun, cute, and light hearted. 5/5!

2 thoughts on “Anime Review: Ouran High School Host Club

  1. I’m so glad you liked ouran. It’s the first shoujo anime I watched and first shoujo manga I read so has a special place for me. The last two episodes weren’t consistent with the rest of the anime but don’t worry those parts weren’t in the manga. Cool review.

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